Board of Advisors

Aaron Halderman – Aaron has produced, launched and marketed highly profitable software programs and educational products for many of the top names in the personal and professional development industry for over 13 years. In addition to consulting with entrepreneurs, celebrities and CEOs, he has spent over ten years with Inc. 500 and publishing giant

As a partner of Capstone Funding Group,Inc. and co-founder of Max ROI Media, he’s focused his career around the principle of helping others. This includes real estate and note investors at this year’s Summit.

Roger Salam – Wajed “Roger” Salam was born in Bangladesh, and now lives in Tampa, Florida. A successful real estate investor in his own right, he also became the #1 speaker and trainer in the Tony Robbins organization and has delivered more than 4,700 success presentations to corporations, non-profits, and investors all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Amber Oldfield – Known in the industry as the JV Duchess, Amber Oldfield specializes in connecting speakers in the real estate, personal development and internet marketing niches. Her business is built around a simple philosophy: She’s not successful unless you are. She spent five years working behind the scenes in the speaking industry, learning the business inside and out. During that time, she developed a knack for connecting speakers with others, and successfully promoting their businesses. In just a few short months, she created a thriving business and a substantial database of reputable and well-known speakers. With access to over 400 real estate speakers, over 200 personal development speakers and over 100 internet marketing speakers, she’s able to make success a reality.

Susan Raisanen – Susan Raisanen is the President of Profit Finder Pro, a lead, sales and marketing tracking software that happens to be the world’s first simple customer relations management (CRM) model. Susan’s system is designed especially for small business owners and includes pre-programmed reports that help run and grow a business profitably. Being a former elementary school teacher and principal, she has brought the classroom to business owners and managers through webinars and seminars, as well as actively writing and submitting articles on tracking to different organizations and publications. She is also the author of soon-to-be published book Track It to Crack It! She can be found at