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Why Your Rent Check Just Keeps Going Up

San Francisco rents were up 15% in April from last year, according to Zillow It’s gotten a lot harder to make the rent. Rents have been soaring across the country, even outpacing home values, according to a recent Zillow report.

Is the Party Over for Real Estate Investing?

Real estate has been one of the best performing assets since President Obama took office. No, we’re not talking about regular people’s homes. The biggest gains have come from so-called real estate investment trusts — REITs for short. REITs are

House Hunting Horror Stories

The Bradt family faces stiff competition for a home in the Boston area Life as a buyer in a seller’s market is tough. Weekends are spent trudging through crowded open houses, lowering your standards and scrambling to submit an offer

Rent Prices Are Soaring

It’s getting more expensive to be a renter. Rent checks are getting bigger. Rents in April were 4% higher than a year before, according to a report from Zillow. That’s the fastest increase in two years, outpacing home prices which

Cleveland’s rents soar ahead of Republican convention

When the politicians start moving into downtown Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention next summer, many residents will be moving out — and renting out their homes for more than 10 times the normal amount. The convention is expected

The ‘Starbucks effect’: Higher home prices

Living near a Starbucks has its benefits for homeowners, whether you’re a coffee drinker or not. The value of homes within a quarter-mile of a Starbucks rise faster than those that aren’t, according to real estate research group Zillow (Z).

Buffalo’s $1 homes aren’t as cheap as they seem

Paying $1 for a house may seem too good to be true — and, in many cases, it is. In Buffalo, New York, the city is selling vacant properties for a buck to those willing to fix them up and

Home prices gain, but recovery is ‘faltering’

Home prices rose last year, but the housing market recovery continued to lose steam. The S&P Case/Shiller index of home prices in 20 major U.S. cities released Tuesday showed prices rose 4.5% in 2014. That compares with a 13.4% increase